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{%MainUnit gtkint.pp}
{ $Id: gtkwinapih.inc 10712 2007-03-06 00:08:35Z marc $ }

  All GTK Winapi related stuff goes here.

  !! Keep this alphabetical !!
 *                                                                           *
 *  This file is part of the Lazarus Component Library (LCL)                 *
 *                                                                           *
 *  See the file COPYING.modifiedLGPL, included in this distribution,        *
 *  for details about the copyright.                                         *
 *                                                                           *
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,          *
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of           *
 *                                                                           *

//##apiwiz##sps##   // Do not remove

function Arc(DC: HDC; Left, top, right, bottom, angle1, angle2: Integer): Boolean; override;
function AngleChord(DC: HDC; x1 ,y1, x2, y2, angle1, angle2: Integer): Boolean; override;

function BeginPaint(Handle: hWnd; Var PS : TPaintStruct) : hdc; override;
function BitBlt(DestDC: HDC; X, Y, Width, Height: Integer; SrcDC: HDC; XSrc, YSrc: Integer; Rop: DWORD): Boolean; override;

function CallNextHookEx(hHk: HHOOK; ncode : Integer; wParam: WParam; lParam : LParam) : Integer; override;
Function CallWindowProc(lpPrevWndFunc : TFarProc; Handle : HWND; Msg : UINT; wParam: WParam; lParam : lParam) : Integer; override;
Function ClientToScreen(Handle : HWND; var P : TPoint) : Boolean;override;

// clipboard
function ClipboardFormatToMimeType(FormatID: TClipboardFormat): string; override;
function ClipboardGetData(ClipboardType: TClipboardType;
  FormatID: TClipboardFormat; Stream: TStream): boolean; override;
// ! List will be created. You must free it yourself with FreeMem(List) !
function ClipboardGetFormats(ClipboardType: TClipboardType;
  var Count: integer; var List: PClipboardFormat): boolean; override;
function ClipboardGetOwnerShip(ClipboardType: TClipboardType;
  OnRequestProc: TClipboardRequestEvent;  FormatCount: integer;
  Formats: PClipboardFormat): boolean; override;
function ClipboardRegisterFormat(const AMimeType: string): TClipboardFormat; override;

Function CombineRgn(Dest, Src1, Src2 : HRGN; fnCombineMode : Longint) : Longint;  override;
function ComboBoxDropDown(Handle: HWND; DropDown: boolean): boolean; override;
function CreateBitmap(Width, Height: Integer; Planes, BitCount: Longint; BitmapBits: Pointer): HBITMAP; override;
function CreateBitmapFromRawImage(const RawImage: TRawImage; var Bitmap, MaskBitmap: HBitmap; AlwaysCreateMask: boolean): boolean; override;
function CreateBrushIndirect(const LogBrush: TLogBrush): HBRUSH; override;
function CreateCaret(Handle : HWND; Bitmap : hBitmap; width, Height : Integer) : Boolean; override;
function CreateCompatibleBitmap(DC: HDC; Width, Height: Integer): HBITMAP; override;
function CreateCompatibleDC(DC: HDC): HDC; override;
function CreateCursor(ACursorInfo: PIconInfo): hCursor; override;
function CreateFontIndirect(const LogFont: TLogFont): HFONT; override;
function CreateFontIndirectEx(const LogFont: TLogFont; const LongFontName: string): HFONT; override;
function CreatePalette(const LogPalette: TLogPalette): HPALETTE; override;
function CreatePenIndirect(const LogPen: TLogPen): HPEN; override;
function CreatePixmapIndirect(const Data: Pointer; const TransColor: Longint): HBITMAP; override;
Function CreatePolygonRgn(Points: PPoint; NumPts: Integer; FillMode: integer): HRGN; Override;
function CreateRectRgn(X1,Y1,X2,Y2 : Integer): HRGN; override;

procedure DeleteCriticalSection(var CritSection: TCriticalSection); override;
function DeleteDC(hDC: HDC): Boolean; override;
function DeleteObject(GDIObject: HGDIOBJ): Boolean;  override;
function DestroyCaret(Handle : HWND): Boolean; override;
function DestroyCursor(Handle: hCursor): Boolean; override;
Function DrawFrameControl(DC: HDC; var Rect : TRect; uType, uState : Cardinal) : Boolean; override;
function DrawFocusRect(DC: HDC; const Rect: TRect): boolean; override;
function DrawEdge(DC: HDC; var ARect: TRect; Edge: Cardinal; grfFlags: Cardinal): Boolean; override;
function DrawText(DC: HDC; Str: PChar; Count: Integer; var Rect: TRect; Flags: Cardinal): Integer; Override;

function Ellipse(DC: HDC; x1,y1,x2,y2: Integer): Boolean; override;
function EnableScrollBar(Wnd: HWND; wSBflags, wArrows: Cardinal): Boolean; override;
function EnableWindow(hWnd: HWND; bEnable: Boolean): Boolean; override;
function EndPaint(Handle : hwnd; var PS : TPaintStruct): Integer; override;
procedure EnterCriticalSection(var CritSection: TCriticalSection); Override;
function EnumFontFamilies(DC: HDC; Family: Pchar; EnumFontFamProc: FontEnumProc; LParam:Lparam):longint; override;
function EnumFontFamiliesEx(DC: HDC; lpLogFont: PLogFont; Callback: FontEnumExProc; Lparam: LParam; Flags: dword): longint; override;
function ExcludeClipRect(dc: hdc; Left, Top, Right, Bottom : Integer) : Integer; override;
function ExtTextOut(DC: HDC; X, Y: Integer; Options: Longint; Rect: PRect; Str: PChar; Count: Longint; Dx: PInteger): Boolean;  override;
function ExtSelectClipRGN(dc: hdc; rgn : hrgn; Mode : Longint) : Integer;  override;

function FillRect(DC: HDC; const Rect: TRect; Brush: HBRUSH): Boolean; override;
function Frame(DC: HDC; const ARect: TRect): Integer; override;
function Frame3d(DC: HDC; var ARect: TRect; const FrameWidth : integer; const Style : TBevelCut): Boolean; override;
function FrameRect(DC: HDC; const ARect: TRect; hBr: HBRUSH): Integer; override;

function GetActiveWindow : HWND; override;
function GetBitmapBits(Bitmap: HBITMAP; Count: Longint;  Bits: Pointer): Longint; override;
function GetBitmapRawImageDescription(Bitmap: HBITMAP; Desc: PRawImageDescription): boolean; override;
function GetCapture: HWND; override;
function GetCaretPos(var lpPoint: TPoint): Boolean; override;
function GetCaretRespondToFocus(handle: HWND; var ShowHideOnFocus: boolean): Boolean; override;
function GetCharABCWidths(DC: HDC; p2, p3: UINT; const ABCStructs): Boolean; override;
function GetClientBounds(handle : HWND; var ARect : TRect) : Boolean; override;
function GetClientRect(handle : HWND; var ARect : TRect) : Boolean; override;
function GetClipBox(DC : hDC; lpRect : PRect) : Longint; override;
function GetClipRGN(DC : hDC; RGN : hRGN) : Longint; override;
function GetCmdLineParamDescForInterface: string; override;
function GetCursorPos(var lpPoint: TPoint): Boolean; override;
function GetDC(hWnd: HWND): HDC;  override;
function GetDCOriginRelativeToWindow(PaintDC: HDC; WindowHandle: HWND; var OriginDiff: TPoint): boolean; override;
function GetDesignerDC(WindowHandle: HWND): HDC; override;
function GetDeviceCaps(DC: HDC; Index: Integer): Integer; Override;
function GetDeviceRawImageDescription(DC: HDC; Desc: PRawImageDescription): boolean; override;
function GetDeviceSize(DC: HDC; var p: TPoint): boolean; override;
function GetDIBits(DC: HDC; Bitmap: HBitmap; StartScan, NumScans: UINT; Bits: Pointer; var BitInfo: BitmapInfo; Usage: UINT): Integer; Override;
function GetFocus: HWND; override;
function GetFontLanguageInfo(DC: HDC): DWord; override;
function GetKeyState(nVirtKey: Integer): Smallint; override;
function GetObject(GDIObj: HGDIOBJ; BufSize: Integer; Buf: Pointer): Integer; override;
function GetParent(Handle : HWND): HWND; override;
function GetProp(Handle : hwnd; Str : PChar): Pointer; override;
function GetRawImageFromDevice(SrcDC: HDC; const SrcRect: TRect; var NewRawImage: TRawImage): boolean; override;
function GetRawImageFromBitmap(SrcBitmap, SrcMaskBitmap: HBITMAP; const SrcRect: TRect; var NewRawImage: TRawImage): boolean; override;
function GetRgnBox(RGN : HRGN; lpRect : PRect) : Longint; override;
function GetROP2(DC: HDC): Integer; override;
function GetScrollBarSize(Handle: HWND; BarKind: Integer): integer; override;
function GetScrollbarVisible(Handle: HWND; SBStyle: Integer): boolean; override;
function GetScrollInfo(Handle: HWND; SBStyle: Integer; var ScrollInfo: TScrollInfo): Boolean; override;
function GetStockObject(Value: Integer): THandle; override;
function GetSysColor(nIndex: Integer): DWORD; override;
function GetSystemMetrics(nIndex: Integer): Integer;  override;
function GetTextColor(DC: HDC) : TColorRef; Override;
function GetTextExtentPoint(DC: HDC; Str: PChar; Count: Integer; var Size: TSize): Boolean; override;
function GetTextMetrics(DC: HDC; var TM: TTextMetric): Boolean;  override;
Function GetWindowLong(Handle : hwnd; int: Integer): PtrInt; override;
Function GetWindowOrgEx(dc : hdc; P: PPoint): Integer;  override;
Function GetWindowRect(Handle : hwnd; var ARect: TRect): Integer; override;
function GetWindowRelativePosition(Handle : hwnd; var Left, Top: integer): boolean; override;
Function GetWindowSize(Handle : hwnd; var Width, Height: integer): boolean; override;
function GradientFill(DC: HDC; Vertices: PTriVertex; NumVertices : Longint;
  Meshes: Pointer; NumMeshes : Longint; Mode : Longint): Boolean; Override;

function HideCaret(hWnd: HWND): Boolean; override;

Procedure InitializeCriticalSection(var CritSection: TCriticalSection); Override;
function IntersectClipRect(dc: hdc; Left, Top, Right, Bottom: Integer): Integer; override;
function InvalidateRect(aHandle : HWND; Rect : pRect; bErase : Boolean) : Boolean; override;
function IsWindowEnabled(handle: HWND): boolean; override;
function IsWindowVisible(handle: HWND): boolean; override;

Procedure LeaveCriticalSection(var CritSection: TCriticalSection); Override;
function LineTo(DC: HDC; X, Y: Integer): Boolean; override;

function MessageBox(hWnd: HWND; lpText, lpCaption: PChar; uType: Cardinal): integer; override;
function MoveToEx(DC: HDC; X, Y: Integer; OldPoint: PPoint): Boolean; override;
function MoveWindowOrgEx(DC: HDC; dX, dY: Integer): Boolean; override;

function PeekMessage(var lpMsg : TMsg; Handle : HWND; wMsgFilterMin, wMsgFilterMax,wRemoveMsg : UINT): Boolean; override;
function PolyBezier(DC: HDC; Points: PPoint; NumPts: Integer; Filled, Continuous: boolean): boolean; override;
function Polygon(DC: HDC; Points: PPoint; NumPts: Integer; Winding: boolean): boolean; override;
function Polyline(DC: HDC; Points: PPoint; NumPts: Integer): boolean; override;
function PostMessage(Handle: HWND; Msg: Cardinal; wParam: WParam; lParam: LParam): Boolean; override;

function RadialArc(DC: HDC; left, top, right, bottom, sx, sy, ex, ey: Integer): Boolean; override;
function RadialChord(DC: HDC; x1, y1, x2, y2, sx, sy, ex, ey: Integer): Boolean; override;
function RealizePalette(DC: HDC): Cardinal; override;
function Rectangle(DC: HDC; X1, Y1, X2, Y2: Integer): Boolean; override;
function RectVisible(dc : hdc; const ARect: TRect) : Boolean; override;
function RegroupMenuItem(hndMenu: HMENU; GroupIndex: integer): Boolean; override;
Function ReleaseCapture : Boolean; override;
function ReleaseDC(hWnd: HWND; DC: HDC): Integer; override;
function RemoveProp(Handle: hwnd; Str: PChar): THandle; override;
function RestoreDC(DC: HDC; SavedDC: Integer): Boolean; override;
Function RoundRect(DC : hDC; X1, Y1, X2, Y2: Integer; RX,RY : Integer): Boolean;  override;

function SaveDC(DC: HDC): Integer; override;
Function ScreenToClient(Handle : HWND; var P : TPoint) : Integer; override;
function ScrollWindowEx(hWnd: HWND; dx, dy: Integer; prcScroll, prcClip: PRect; hrgnUpdate: HRGN; prcUpdate: PRect; flags: UINT): Boolean; override;
Function SelectClipRGN(DC : hDC; RGN : HRGN) : Longint; override;
function SelectObject(DC: HDC; GDIObj: HGDIOBJ): HGDIOBJ;  override;
function SelectPalette(DC: HDC; Palette: HPALETTE; ForceBackground: Boolean): HPALETTE; override;
function SendMessage(HandleWnd: HWND; Msg: Cardinal; wParam: WParam; lParam: LParam): LResult; override;
function SetActiveWindow(Handle: HWND): HWND; override;
function SetBkColor(DC: HDC; Color: TColorRef): TColorRef; override;
Function SetBkMode(DC: HDC; bkMode : Integer) : Integer; override;
Function SetComboMinDropDownSize(Handle: HWND; MinItemsWidth, MinItemsHeight, MinItemCount: integer): boolean; override;
function SetCapture(AHandle: HWND): HWND; override;
function SetCaretPos(X, Y: Integer): Boolean; override;
function SetCaretPosEx(Handle: HWnd; X, Y: Integer): Boolean; override;
function SetCaretRespondToFocus(handle: HWND; ShowHideOnFocus: boolean): Boolean; override;
function SetCursor(ACursor: HCURSOR): HCURSOR; override;
function SetCursorPos(X, Y: Integer): Boolean; override;
function SetFocus(hWnd: HWND): HWND; override;
function SetForegroundWindow(hWnd: HWND): boolean; override;
Function SetProp(Handle: hwnd; Str : PChar; Data : Pointer) : Boolean; override;
function SetROP2(DC: HDC; Mode: Integer): Integer; override;
function SetScrollInfo(Handle : HWND; SBStyle : Integer; ScrollInfo: TScrollInfo; bRedraw : Boolean): Integer; override;
function SetSysColors(cElements: Integer; const lpaElements; const lpaRgbValues): Boolean; override;
Function SetTextCharacterExtra(_hdc : hdc; nCharExtra : Integer):Integer; override;
function SetTextColor(DC: HDC; Color: TColorRef): TColorRef; override;
function SetWindowLong(Handle: HWND; Idx: Integer; NewLong: PtrInt): PtrInt; override;
function SetWindowOrgEx(dc : hdc; NewX, NewY : Integer; OldPoint: PPoint) : Boolean; override;
function SetWindowPos(hWnd: HWND; hWndInsertAfter: HWND;
      X, Y, cx, cy: Integer; uFlags: UINT): Boolean;  override;
function ShowCaret(hWnd: HWND): Boolean; override;
function ShowScrollBar(Handle: HWND; wBar: Integer; bShow: Boolean): Boolean; override;
function ShowWindow(hWnd: HWND; nCmdShow: Integer): Boolean; override;
function StretchBlt(DestDC: HDC; X, Y, Width, Height: Integer; SrcDC: HDC; XSrc, YSrc, SrcWidth, SrcHeight: Integer; ROp: Cardinal): Boolean; override;
function StretchMaskBlt(DestDC: HDC; X, Y, Width, Height: Integer; SrcDC: HDC; XSrc, YSrc, SrcWidth, SrcHeight: Integer; Mask: HBITMAP; XMask, YMask: Integer; Rop: DWORD): Boolean; override;

Function TextOut(DC: HDC; X,Y : Integer; Str : Pchar; Count: Integer) : Boolean; override;

Function WindowFromPoint(Point : TPoint) : HWND; override;

//##apiwiz##eps##   // Do not remove, no wizard declaration after this line

// included by gtkint.pp

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